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Marishka Analaradyn Human Female Dread Necromancer Lvl 1

Marishka is young, beautiful, troubled and haunted by the death of her mother from when she was a child. She is aware of something sinister that lurks close to her and she often succumbs to dark thoughts of violence and death. She is the daughter of a priest of Ilmater but secretly she despises the Martyred God for his refusal to save her mother. She hides a secret – she lied about a young boy of her forest village of Chapelton, convincing the villagers that he was involved in black magic. The village folk proclaimed him to be a seed of the devil and burnt him alive. At the commencement of the campaign she is found lost and wandering through the dark, dangerous woods, alone frightened and confused.

Nathaniel of Fellhaven Human Male Paladin Lvl 1

Nathaniel is the blacksmith of Fellhaven a large quiet village considered the last “friendly” settlement before reaching the remote forest villages further north. He is considered the most handsome man in town and is quite popular not just because of his appearance but also due to his kind, caring and considerate nature. Nathaniel came to Fellhaven seeking a better life for his wife and daughter but sadly they succumbed to an unnatural chill while traveling and he was forced into the woods by an unseen creature. He survived only after stumbling upon a fine looking sword which he wounded the creature with forcing it to flee. Ten years has passed since the death of his family and he has worked in Fellhaven and accepted Ilmaters will.

Andwen the Hunter Human Male Ranger Lvl 1

Andwen is a hunter whose wife was brutally murdered as a witch. Condemned by Witch Hunters and given over to mob justice she was burned at the stake while Andwen was away on a hunt. He has wandered aimlessley to Fellhaven perhaps entertaining thoughts of suicide, vengeance and wallowing in self pity, guilt and misery. Andwen has little fear of the forests much to the suspicion of those who notice this.

Lord Fyr Hartolian Human Male Bard/Fighter 4/2

Lord Fyr or Fyrhart as he is known to his friends is a hedonistic nobleman banished to his country estate which is only half a days ride from Fellhaven, where the game begins.

Main Page

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