Why Create Anislan?

Anislan came about from a love of D&D, horror and history. My wife and I are avid fans of all three genres and of certain bands such as Cradle of Filth and H.I.M., who have very much a gothic horror theme in their lyrics and image. We had wanted to play a horror game that suited our own personal tastes and was free of the constraints that we felt were in place in the Ravenloft Campaign setting. We are also big fans of the Forgotten Realms but the realms were not (generally speaking)geared towards that kind of theme. Because we wanted our cake and eat it, we decided that we could set something up in the realms. I came up with an interesting back story that I felt was consistent with the Forgotten Realms setting while allowing me to create the setting and theme that we had been looking for for so long.

Anislan was the first genuine effort that I have ever made in creating a home brew setting. It’s ties with the realms allow me to still use elements from the realms and give it a spookier feel because things that were familiar have been restrained,subdued or twisted and warped. Overall we are all very happy with how it has turned out and has given us hours upon hours of enjoyment. I hope you the reader, can find something in this for yourself, be it in your own games or just for entertainment value in reading my blog.

Enjoy and ‘ware the spooks!

Justin the Big



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