The First Adventure

An Angry Presence

The PCs meet in the village of Fellhaven and soon discover that there is something in the woods watching, waiting, but for what? Encounter wolves, thugs, Lord Fyr and a hound turned fiendish and a wendigo (page 187 FF).

Searching in the forest Marishka finds the ranger who has been traveling on the outskirts of the forest and wilderness on his way to Willowtown. Together they realize that there is something in the woods watching the village. It scares the wilder animals of the woods and has already claimed a victim in the form of a traveling peddler. The victims remains are bloodied and torn, missing flesh from wicked bites with long incision marks in formations resembling a claw. The victims’ innards have been eaten from within. Tracks disappear in the outlying fields with human tracks. These tracks lead to the manor estate of Lord Fyr. Lord Fyr is out hunting when they arrive and cannot see the PCs. They are asked to return another day. On their way home they encounter a small group of 3 men and a woman who attempt to rob them. It seems they have lain in wait for the rich Lord Fyr but mistake the PCs as his guests. If they return they will be invited as guests to his manor for the next party.

Back at the village villagers are distraught at the death of some of their community members. Two woodsmen were killed, frozen to death although it is not yet winter. One of them has rending marks in its flesh and is missing pieces of flesh from as though something has eaten it. Two other woodsmen, who were nearby when they heard them yell out in alarm, found them. The corpses are brought to the mortuary with aid from Nathaniel. The ranger is welcome to stay with Nathaniel. Marishka hears whispering voices and feels an angry presence. The ranger may feel it also. Nathaniel is unaware.

The real killer is a wendigo, a malevolent undead spirit. The wendigo is hunting for the man who wounded it to feast upon his flesh in an innate sense of vengeance for it’s unhealed angry wound, dealt by an enchanted sword.



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