Religion in Anislan

Ilmater is the only known deity in Anislan. He is the martyr and worshipers pray to him to ease their own sufferings or seek to in some small way emulate him and ease the sufferings of other where they can. Hypocrites and false believers are many. The church of Ilmater meets every third day in an organized mass, but many worshippers pray everyday and visit churches whenever they can.

The Sisters of Ilmater are a nun like sect of worshippers. They offer help and aid to the sick and injured in much the way of nurses and midwives. They also run sanitariums and orphanages.

Outside of the general belief in Ilmater, there are those who worship devils in depraved, debauched cults or coveys in secret. Fiends, demons, devils and other diabolical creatures are at times held in reverence by some folk through, rebellion, ignorance or worse. Frighteningly some of these worshipers are granted powers and magic through their worship. Superstition is rampant in Anislan and local superstition or beliefs vary from settlement to settlement.



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