Adventurers in Anislan

In Anislan, seldom do people rise to great power, martial skill or heroism. People who do are often mistrusted. Spell casters are limited by lack of knowledge and even when not, by lack of appropriate tools or components. There are many adepts and experts who often act as healers, diviners and potion makers. They are considered saintly helpers or creepy dabblers depending on the individual. The ability to heal terrible wounds, cure disease or perform other miracles has been heard of in the past but is uncommon. Those who have been able to perform such miracles never seem to be around long enough or be able to aid enough people. Powerful spell casters of the arcane art are severely mistrusted. Everyday in Anislan someone is arrested, tried or executed for being a witch, at times the accused are even guilty. It is ironic that at times the most well known questionable and potent spell caster is not acted against for fear of their powers. More often than not the innocent are tried for strange omens, behaviour or conditions. The unknown or suspect is a fearful motivation for the folk of Anislan, as long as their own life or soul is not at risk. Those who possess great skill at arms are mistrusted for their ability to slay, lead and conquer. Often it is said that fiends grant powers of magic, battle and riches when someone sells their soul to hell. In the past holy knights have been known but invariably fall in battle to evil, for they have a great a passion and yearning to seek out the greater evils and vanquish them. Some also whisper of holy warriors whose faith is lost or stolen and turned to evil.



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