About Anislan

When the elves created the island of Evermeet, they tore a sizeable chunk of land away from the main continent using high magic. Thousands upon thousands of people and creatures lost their lives during the creation. The potent concoction of high magic and megadeath combined to create an island of parable opposites to Evermeet. In stark contrast to the elven land of dreams was created a land of nightmares. The elves contained and suppressed knowledge of this isle to a small number of elder elves, almost all of which have died and taken their secret lore to their final wandering rest. It is a land of dread secrets where every closet contains a skeleton down to its’ very core even reaching beyond into it’s cosmology.

Anislan is an Island of largely unexplored dimensions. It remains for the most part uncharted and unexplored outside of its civilizations and better-kept roads or trails. There are a handfull of large settlements located across the island. These towns are centers of knowledge and learning, yet also of decadence, debauchery and crime even though there is a strict enforcement of laws and order. In these towns there are people with knowledge and experience of geography, ecology and also of forbidden lore.

Between the towns and elsewhere there are countless small settlements. They are ruled by independent local governments, or nobles and lords who often have manors outside of the settlements and are accountable to no one. These villages and hamlets contain the vast majority of the population of Anislan between them. Many are located on main roads but there are unknown numbers of settlements away from the roads or found only by following little known and dangerous trails through forests of gloom and hills or mountains of oppressive dominance. Wild animals roam these wilderness areas seeking prey, at times human. Wolves, bears, and sometimes worse predators call these lands home. Deeper into the wilderness are creatures that strike morbid fear into the people’s hearts; goblins, elves, shape-shifters, dwarves, giants and ogres, fey and men or women with broken minds and evil natures, such as witches, devil worshipers, criminals and hunters or trappers. The wretched undead haunt abandoned and ruined villages and buildings, lonely graves and graveyards, crossroads and execution sites in search of souls and vengeance,flesh or blood. Sentient undead are among the most feared for their ability to trick, manipulate, contrive and sometimes assimilate with society undetected. Fiends ply their trade in murder, souls and violence and thrive upon the face of Anislan at times in their true forms and other times undetected.



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